AA-M 显微学扫描式实时自相关仪

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AA-M 显微学扫描式实时自相关仪


产品特点 典型应用

* 显微学专用自相关仪

* 外部和内部光电探测器

* 扫描频率0.1-20Hz

* USB接口,连接标准软件包

* 内部探测器的具有旁路光束探测功能

* 边缘稀释的自相关功能

* Biological Imaging

-Two-Photon (Multiphoton) Microscopy (TPE)

-SHG/THG (second/third harmonic generation) microscopy

* Time-Resolved Ultrafast Studies

-Optical Coherence Tomography

-Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Biological Markers

-Pump-Probe Spectroscopy

* Laser Systems Design, Integration and Amplification

* Ultrafast Laser Diagnostics, Accessories and Components

-Femtosecond Oscillator Pulse Duration Measurement

-Femtosecond Pulse Duration Measurement and Dispersion Characterization


           带有外置探测器的AA-M扫描式自相关仪       带有原始信号处理功能的AA-10DD扫描自相关仪控制器



Possible full wavelength range*

450-2000 nm

(exchangeable photodetectors/beam splitter sets)

V**: 450-700 nm
R1: 700-1300 nm
R2: 1300-2000 nm

Input pulse duration range

20 fs -12 ps 

Number of photodetectors for one range

two (internal and external for sample position)

Input pulse repetition rate

>10 kHz

Typical sensitivity (Pav*Ppeak)

100 mW2

Input polarization

linear, horizontal (vertical upon request)

Scan rate

0.1-20 Hz

Linear distortion


Collinear (interferometric and intensity) autocorrelation


PC connection

USB, Windows PC acquisition and analysis software is included in the standard package

Necessary equipment

Windows PC platform or an oscilloscope

Signal source and detector

Two-photon conductivity in semiconductor


210x164x132 mm (optical unit)
225x190x45 mm (control unit)
70х55х16.5 mm (external photodetector)

* - the autocorrelator may cover one, two or all three subranges with exchangeable photodetectors/beam splitter sets (1, 2 or all 3 sets may be included in the package depending on required laser source specifications);
** - the 450-700 nm subrange may only be purchased with the main unit order.